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'Little Miss Naina who entered OTT.. Why?' 🎬

Gauri Kishan became very famous with the movie 96 which was a blockbuster hit in Tamil. 🌟 In this, Trisha acted very well in the childhood love story scenes. 96 Gauri Kishan acted in the Telugu version Jaanu too. 🎭

Last year Andala Tara was also introduced as the heroine in Sridevi Shobhan Babu's movie produced by Megastar Chiranjeevi's daughter Sushmita. 👩‍🎤 Santosh Shobhan is the hero. Gauri Kishan is known for her beauty and acting. 🌟 However, Gauri Kishan is a bit behind in the race as the film was not successful. Meanwhile, Gauri G Kishan's latest movie in Malayalam is 'Little Miss Rather'. Shersha Sharif acted as the hero. This movie which was recently released in theaters became a super hit. 🌈 This love story made as a romantic love story has received appreciation from the audience. Now the movie has come before the Telugu audience. It was released directly on OTT as Little Miss Naina. It is currently streaming on popular OTT platform ETV Win. 📺🎉