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Light Beers Missing! The Local Booze Club President's Grievance Letter Goes Viral!

In an unusual turn of events, a liquor enthusiast who happens to be the president of the Drinkers Welfare Association in Mancherial district has penned a heartfelt letter to the government, pleading for the replenishment of certain types of beers which have recently been in short supply across the state. Kotrangi Tarun, the association's president, highlighted in his letter the joy of contributing Rs. 670 crores to the state's revenue over the past 18 days, but lamented the acute shortage of Kingfisher Light beers in his district.

According to Tarun, the escalating summer heat has intensified the demand for lighter beers, which provide refreshment without heavy intoxication, allowing people to resume their daily tasks. He noted that this shortage isn't just a local issue but is also affecting nearby districts such as Karimnagar, Jagtial, Peddapalli, Bhupalpally, and Asifabad. He argued that strong beers often cause stomach discomfort, severe headaches, and vomiting, which is why there is a higher preference for lighter beers.

Tarun expressed concerns over the wellbeing of the community, stressing the need for such products to be readily available to avoid health risks associated with stronger alternatives. He called on the authorities to ensure that these lighter beers are made available in every wine shop and bar to aid in the well-being of the citizens and to potentially double the state's revenue through responsible drinking. His letter has now gone viral, sparking discussions about beverage preferences and the government's role in addressing public demands in the beverage sector.