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Keep These Things On Mind To While Keeping Plants In Balcony🌿

A balcony is what makes your home more beautiful. Because many types of flower plants and beautiful plants are arranged here. But do you know what kind of plants should and should not be grown according to Vastu?

Now everyone is arranging a balcony in their house. It has also become an integral part of the house. They are making the balcony very beautiful by growing plants in small pots. Balconies are being arranged so that fresh air and sunlight can enter the house.

If you sit on the balcony between the green plants for a while every day, the mind will be calm. They are also beautiful to look at. They bring more beauty to the house. It has become a resting place. The balcony becomes a nice place to spend some quality time with the family. But there are some Vastu rules for growing plants in the balcony. If you increase the pieces according to them, your home will be happy without any architectural defects. Let's find out which plants should be grown according to the direction of the balcony. 🌻🌞

If the balcony faces east… 🌱

Tulsi plant is good if your balcony faces east. Some flower plants like marigolds can also be arranged there. If you want to plant ball plants then place them in north east direction. It shows a positive impact on the career of the child. 🌿👶

If in north direction.. 🌳

If your home's balcony faces north, you can keep tall plants there. According to Vastu Shastra small plants are considered appropriate in this direction. You can set up money plant or crosses plant in this place. By wearing these, you will get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. If these plants are in your house, they will be in your house. 🌲💰

If in west direction 🌿

If the balcony is facing west you can grow medium sized green plants. Make sure that the height of the plants is between two to four feet. Placing small pieces on the balcony in this direction will not give any benefits. That is why Shani position is strengthened by growing medium sized plants. New paths are paved to move forward in life. 📸🌿

If south direction 🌾

If the balcony of your house is in south direction then big plants can be kept there. Some vines like black ficus, palm plants, madhumalthi or bougainvillea can be grown. These will make your balcony look beautiful. Raising these will double your respect. 🌾🎖️

Plants that should not be grown in the balcony🚫🌿

Some plants should not be grown on the balcony even by mistake. No matter which direction your balcony faces, don't plant cactus or rubber plants. Also remove any dead plant immediately. Otherwise there will be problems. Do not grow too many vines on the balcony. They attract negative energy.

Some people are interested in putting furniture in the balcony. If you want to put furniture like chairs, small sofas or swings, they should be arranged only in south-west direction. Also lights should be installed in the balcony. The balcony should never be kept dark. That leads to negativity.🚫🌿