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🌟 Kajal Aggarwal Shines in 'Satyabhama': A Powerful New Role!

Kajal Aggarwal is currently busy promoting her latest film 'Satyabhama.' After her marriage, she returned to Telugu cinema with 'Bhagavanth Kesari,' a regular commercial movie where she played a typical heroine role. However, in 'Satyabhama,' Kajal takes on a powerful and challenging role. She expressed her excitement about doing a lady-oriented subject and a full-length action movie for the first time.

In an interview, Kajal shared her joy about this new venture, stating that 'Satyabhama' is a unique project in her career. She mentioned that she was immediately drawn to the script and found it refreshing and different. This film marks her first time playing such a character, and she is thrilled about it. Kajal emphasized that she is open to all genres as long as the content is good.

Kajal revealed that she had received many offers for female-oriented movies before 'Satyabhama,' but she only accepted projects when she felt confident about them. She believes that taking on such movies is not just about the pressure but also about the responsibility. 'Satyabhama' brings many new emotions and action sequences, including high-octane stunts, which Kajal performed for the first time.

Kajal clarified that 'Satyabhama' is not her second innings but a new direction in her career. She reiterated her passion for acting, which is why she returned to films after her personal life milestones. In this movie, her character balances both personal and professional life. She also shared an interesting incident where she met a high-ranking police officer during the making of the film. He explained how criminals use gaming and virtual reality technology for crimes, which was incorporated into the story.

Kajal concluded by saying that she had always dreamed of doing a full-length action movie, and 'Satyabhama' made that dream come true.