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🔒 Just blow hard.. you can unlock your phone

🔐 Until now we use any number or pattern to unlock the cell phone. Recently, the technology has become available to unlock the mobile with fingerprint as well.

Now even fingerprint doesn't work.. You can unlock the phone with your breath. Generally, fingerprints and eyeballs are different for each person. A lot of knowledge has already been made available based on it. Mukesh, a research student at IIT Madras, is developing this technology. Once this breath knowledge is developed into practical applications, it could be used for security operations including cellphone unlocking, he said. He said that this technology is also useful in the field of medicine. Air leaves the lungs through the respiratory tract when a person exhales. Every human being is different in that respiratory system. This causes fluctuations in the wind speed. Based on this, we have shown that it is possible to distinguish one person from another. 🧠💡💻