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Jeeva And Mammootty jeeva Starrer Yatra 2 Movie Full Review 🎥🎞️

Mahi V Raghav’s sequel to the 2019 YS Rajasekhara Reddy biopic was released on Thursday and here’s what movie buffs thought of it.🎥🎞️

“Yatra 2” is the follow-up to the film “Yatra” that was released in 2019. The first part resembled a biographical portrayal of the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, chronicling his ascent to the position of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2004. YSR, affectionately known as such, embarked on a Pada Yatra to seize power. The involvement of “Yatra” was instrumental in YSR’s political victory.

In a similar vein, his son followed the same trajectory by travelling Andhra Pradesh on foot and assumed power in 2019. Therefore, “yatra” is an apt element in the political journeys of both the father and son. Director Mahi V Raghav adeptly selected the themes and titles with precision.

That being said, this is a political film meant to support YS Jagan and his organization. It is not surprising that the film contains numerous fictional elements, all of which portray YS Jagan in an extremely positive light. The events that actually occurred are portrayed from the viewpoint of YS Jagan.

The genre of the film evokes emotions that are influenced by the viewer’s political inclinations. The narrative and events depicted in the film will undoubtedly resonate with YS Jagan’s supporters, while others may perceive it as a hagiography.

The first half of the film is engrossing in an objective sense. Mahi Raghav has effectively portrayed the initial portion of the narrative with a compelling and dramatic approach. The sequences depicting the demise of YSR, Jagan’s problems within the congress party, Madam’s determination to politically destroy him, and Jagan’s unwavering determination are presented in a manner that is acceptable to all regardless of their political inclinations. These sequences, although some creative liberties taken and incorporated fictional elements, neatly depict the real-life events that we all observed through the media.

After the interval, the film subsequently falters. The concluding segments, particularly the scenes featuring Chandrababu and Jagan, lack efficacy. Plus, the film doesn’t have emotional sequences. The personal life of YS Jagan is shown very little.

Nevertheless, the film does not depict Chandrababu as a villain, but rather as a rival politician employing ‘chanakya neethi’ tactics, while Sonia Gandhi is portrayed as a egoist antagonist.

Jiiva’s portrayal of YS Jagan is fitting. He effectively portrays the role and gets the body language right for the most part. Mammotty’s performance in his limited role is superb. Subhalekha Sudhakar enhances the proceedings with his performance, among other actors. Ketaki Narayan and Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri have fulfilled their roles as the wife and mother of YS Jagan, respectively.

Suzanne Bernert is an ideal candidate for the role of the madam. Sharmila, the sister of YS Jagan, is completely absent in this story.

Santosh Narayan stands out among the technicians. His music is the film’s strength.

“Yatra 2” portrays the ascent of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as a political figure, transitioning from being the son of a renowned politician to assuming the position of chief minister. The film explores how he overcomes various challenges, deceit, and legal cases, while also highlighting the significant role that the yatra (political journey) played in both his own life and that of his father. It will appeal more to YS Jagan’s supporters than to the general audience. Still, it makes an okay watch regardless of one’s political stance towards YS Jagan.🎥🎞️