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JaganAssets: CM YS Jagan's Asset Declaration Shocks Andhra!

In a recent political buzz from Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's assets have made headlines. Filed on behalf of Jagan by Pulivendula Municipal Vice Chairman YS Manohar Reddy, the nomination papers reveal astonishing figures. The affidavit declares a total family asset value of ₹779.8 crore, with various company shares and properties accounted for.

According to the details, YS Jagan himself holds assets worth ₹650.66 crore, while his wife Bharati Reddy owns assets worth ₹119.38 crore. Their daughters Harshini and Varsha Reddy have assets valued at ₹24.26 crore and ₹23.94 crore, respectively. The family's immovable assets are reportedly valued at ₹106.96 crore.

The CM’s nomination filing also discloses financial operations within the family over the fiscal year 2022-23. Bharati Reddy reported a personal income of ₹10.96 crore and has given loans amounting to ₹30.91 lakh. The affidavit also highlights loans and advances from various sources totaling ₹7,41,79,353 for Bharati Reddy.

Jagan's personal income for the same period stands at a striking ₹57.74 crore, with loans extended to others totaling a massive ₹179.74 crore. The affidavit also mentions 26 ongoing legal cases against the CM, spotlighting the intense scrutiny under which his finances fall.