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Jagan'sImpatience? What's Behind His Recent Outburst?

As election season nears, is YSR Congress leader Jagan Mohan Reddy losing his cool? Observers suggest so, particularly during a recent event in Kakinada titled 'Memantha Siddham' where Jagan unleashed sharp criticisms against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, BJP AP chief Purandeswari, and Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan. This marks a notable escalation compared to his usual critiques. Addressing Chandrababu, Jagan mocked him for being overly cautious, likening his tactics to that of a cat cradled in arms, always on the defensive. He also took a jibe at Pawan Kalyan's failed political campaigns in multiple constituencies and questioned his serial marital ventures, rhetorically asking if such a person deserves the public's votes. For the first time, Jagan harshly targeted BJP's Purandeswari, painting her as a mere follower of Chandrababu's whims. He outlined her political journey from Congress to BJP, suggesting it was all orchestrated by Chandrababu, even accusing her of backstabbing her own father under his influence.