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🌟🎬🤩 Interesting mixup trailer coming tomorrow

It conveys things like lust, love and attachment between two people. The acting of Kamal Kamaraju and Akshara Goud is very impressive. The scenes in the trailer are interesting. While Akshara Gowda impressed with her beauty, it is clear from the trailer that Kamal Kamaraju impressed with his good acting. Apart from the main plot, 'Mix-Upsa' also tells the lives of other characters in it.

It will show the closeness and relationships between the characters of Saaho played by Adarsh Balakrishna and Maithili played by Pooja Jhaveri and how they faced the challenges faced by them. The audience will be interested to see how the emotions between the various characters are going to be. It gives a whole new experience of human relations in today's world. Akash Bikki directed the mix up original. Boldly, the things he wanted to say about human relations in today's times were beautifully shown on the screen. There is no doubt that everyone will be talking about this original with a thought provoking story, narration and good acting. 🤔🎭🎥