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"India's Firm Stance on Terrorism: Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

Hey folks! 🌏 The world is grappling with the threat of terrorism in some form or another, and India, being the largest democracy, has been facing this menace for decades. The aim of spreading terror, creating unrest, and causing economic downfall has been a strategy of our neighboring country, Pakistan, which has fostered cross-border terrorism. Cities across India, including the national capital Delhi and the financial capital Mumbai, have witnessed horrific terrorist attacks. The attack on the Parliament, a symbol of our democracy, and the 26/11 Mumbai attacks have shaken the nation to its core, exposing Pakistan's ploys to the world.

The fear of unexpected bombings has instilled a deep sense of insecurity among people, especially in crowded urban areas. But, this is a tale of the past. India's government has made terrorists and their backers, including those infiltrating from across borders and those flourishing within with Pakistan's support, tremble with fear. Many key figures planning destruction in India have been mysteriously eliminated, hinting at India's unspoken heroes.

Statements from Indian Prime Minister, such as "We will hunt them down even if they are hiding in their homes," are not just words but have been turned into action, proving India's resolve against terrorism is as strong as ever.

Prime Minister Modi, not only in election rallies but also on international platforms, has been vocal about India's stance on terrorism. He has criticized not only the previous Indian government's policies but also the global leaders' hypocrisy in various instances. During the G-20 and BRICS meetings, Modi emphasized that terrorism is a global challenge that undermines economic growth and poses a significant threat to world peace. He called for a united front against terrorism, lamenting the lack of consensus among nations on defining terrorism.

Modi's visit to the USA in 2016, under President Obama's tenure, also highlighted the issue of terrorism during discussions on nuclear security. He stressed that terrorism is not confined to borders but is a global network that needs a worldwide effort to combat.

The PM urged to cut off financial aid to terrorist organizations and to halt the supply of weapons and technological assistance. He firmly stated that countries providing economic and arms resources to terrorists are more dangerous than the terrorists themselves.

In every forum available, Modi has spoken about terrorism, clarifying India's tough stance and calling for collective international action to stamp out terrorism, ensuring no support, in any form, reaches them. The result is the continuous dismantling of terror outfits operating against India from Pakistani soil, showcasing India's commitment and unwavering determination against terrorism. "Terrorism is a global menace, and there's no room for complacency," Modi reminds us, calling for a united front to eradicate this threat.