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India Issues Travel Advisory for Kenyans Protests

India has issued a critical advisory to its citizens in Kenya amid violent protests against a tax hike. The situation has escalated, leading to a tense atmosphere in the country. On Tuesday, the Indian government urged its citizens to remain extremely cautious and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary.

The advisory, issued by the Indian Consulate in Kenya, emphasized the need for vigilance due to the ongoing unrest. "In view of the current tense situation, all Indians in Kenya are advised to exercise extreme caution. Avoid stepping out unless necessary. Refrain from visiting areas where protests and violent incidents are taking place until the situation stabilizes," the consulate's advisory read.

Furthermore, Indian nationals residing in Kenya are encouraged to stay updated with local news and follow the Indian Consulate Mission's website and social media handles for the latest updates.

The protests in Kenya erupted in response to the government's decision to raise taxes. On Tuesday, demonstrators attempted to storm the Kenyan Parliament. The situation turned violent, and the police fired shots at the protestors, resulting in the deaths of five individuals and injuries to dozens. Parts of the Parliament building were damaged. Despite the unrest, the tax hike bill was approved by the Parliament, potentially leading to further protests.