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Ilayaraja Responds to Notices from 'Manjummeel Boys' Makers

Small films making it big is always a joy to watch. One such gem is the Malayalam movie 'Manjummeel Boys'. This film, inspired by real events, turned out to be a super hit. The storyline revolves around a group of friends who face an unexpected accident while visiting the cave where the Tamil movie 'Guna', starring Kamal Haasan, was shot. Remember the iconic song 'Kanmani Anbodu' from 'Guna'? That song was a highlight in both Tamil and Telugu.

However, Ilayaraja, the music composer of 'Guna', has sent notices to the makers of 'Manjummeel Boys' for using his song without permission. This issue has become a hot topic now.

Responding to the notices, Ilayaraja stated that he holds the functional rights to his songs and that the makers of 'Manjummeel Boys' did not seek his permission to use his composition. He emphasized that merely crediting him in the title card does not equate to obtaining his consent.

In response, one of the producers of 'Manjummeel Boys', Shaan Antony, clarified that they had obtained permission from two companies holding the audio rights of 'Guna'. After the movie's release, the team even discussed it with Kamal Haasan. Shaan mentioned that Ilayaraja has a history of sending similar notices to various people, including SP Balasubrahmanyam for performing his songs at live shows, which once sparked a major controversy.