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#ICCShockDecision: Major Setback for Global T20 Fans! 🏏

In a surprising move by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the schedule for the second semi-final of the upcoming T20 World Cup has been significantly altered. Originally set for a 4-hour window, the game has now been extended to an 8-hour marathon. This decision effectively eliminates the need for a reserve day for this crucial match, which is a stark shift from traditional ICC tournament protocols. The change comes just as the countdown to the 9th edition of the T20 World Cup, which begins on June 1st immediately following IPL 2024, is heating up. This year, the tournament will be hosted on the grounds of the West Indies and the United States, featuring a record 20 teams. This expansion has already added to the excitement, but the latest schedule tweak has introduced new dynamics into the tournament strategy. According to the revised ICC schedule, if the match on June 27th in Guyana faces any delays due to weather, the game must be completed the same day, stretching up to eight hours if necessary. This move is intended to ensure the final on June 29th proceeds without delay. While the first semi-final in Trinidad has a reserve day, the second does not, adding pressure on teams and fans alike. India, placed in Group A alongside Pakistan, Netherlands, Canada, and the USA, will face Ireland in their opening match on June 5th and a high-voltage clash with Pakistan on June 9th. The team's composition includes top players like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Jasprit Bumrah, setting the stage for a thrilling competition.