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#"I Don't Copy Stories, That's Why I'm Slow": Shekhar Kammula..

Renowned for his feel-good cinema, Shekhar Kammula has carved a niche in the hearts of moviegoers with films that resonate deeply with everyday life. From "Happy Days" to "Fidaa," his films have become part of our collective memory, evoking nostalgia and a sense of calm. Kammula, who launched his career in 2000, prides himself on making films that uphold values without compromise. He emphasizes that his slow pace is due to his original content creation, refusing to copy others, ensuring each story is unique and well-crafted. Celebrating over two decades in the industry, Kammula also mentioned that while the sequel to "Happy Days" was considered, it did not move forward as the story didn't set right with him. Kammula's commitment to authenticity and quality explains the deliberate pace of his work, distinguishing his films in an industry often criticized for its lack of originality.