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Huge Kannada Devotees Throng To Srisailam For Ugadi Festival

Ugadi mahotsavam will be held from 6th to 10th of this month in Srisaila Mahakshetra of Nandyala district. In this background, thousands of Kannada devotees are flocking to walk through the Nallamala forest path to visit the Lord Devadi. All Nallamala is resonating with Om Kara Nadam. As the day of Ugadi is approaching, Sri Giri Mallaiah is approaching Sri Giri Konda, calling him Dhyana Mallanna's father with aarti. The devasthanam has provided complete facilities to those coming on foot through the Nallamala forest. Kannada devotees say that the fresh water facility at Venkatapuram village near Atmakuru is better than in the past, but the arrangement in the middle of the forest path is a little difficult.

Srisailam is resounding with chants of Kannada devotees all the paths of Nallamala towards Mallanna Sannidhi. On the other hand, the Kannadigas are walking to the hill through the Bima pool on the forest path, saying that the medical facilities are good. In this context, the devasthanam authorities have spent lakhs and provided medical facilities to the Kannada devotees who come from Nallamala on foot. For the devotees of padayatra, the forest path was seen without stones. Devotees coming on foot are sprinkled with water along the road without any trouble. Volunteers arranged food for the devotees along the way with the help of the temple.Kannada devotees consider Srisailam Sri Bhramarambikadevi as their house goddess and walk about 40 kilometers from Venkatapuram in the thick forest area with great devotion in Mandutenda without considering the sun. Many donors have also organized buttermilk, fruits and food donation programs for the Padayatra Kannada devotees. Many Kannada devotees said that they are happy that the Devasthanam Evo Peddiraj has paid special attention to the facilities of the devotees.