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How to Detect Hidden Cameras in Hotel Rooms

In today’s world, when we visit any hotel, the first thing that comes to mind is cameras. Sometimes, spotting hidden cameras with the naked eye can be very difficult. To help you identify hidden cameras, here are some tips and devices you can use. These devices are not very expensive and can be carried in your bag or pocket wherever you go.

Where Can Cameras Be Hidden in a Hotel Room?

First, it's important to know where cameras might be hidden in a hotel room. As soon as you check into a hotel room, activate search mode. This process might take 15-20 minutes but is crucial for your safety and privacy. Check every detail possible.

  • Wall Clocks: Carefully inspect any clocks on the walls.

  • Showpieces: Examine items like teddy bears or flower vases on bedside tables.

  • Smoke Alarms: Check the fire alarms with a laser light.

  • Door Holes: Cover any small holes on the door with white tape or a small piece of paper.

  • Switches and Lights: Inspect switches, board lights, fans, air conditioners, and under and above the bed or TV.

  • Bathroom Fixtures: Check the shower, water taps, wash basin, and toilet seat in the bathroom.

  • Laptop Microphones: Cover the microphone on your laptop as it can be hacked and used for spying.

If you notice anything suspicious, immediately report it to the police. Do not compromise on privacy and always address any doubts.

Recommended Spy Camera Detectors

Using these devices, you can find and remove hidden cameras anywhere. You can purchase these devices cheaply from online platforms.

  1. YAVRIXZ Spy Detector:

  • This device can detect any hidden camera in the room or changing room.

  • Original Price: ₹999

  • Discounted Price: ₹499 (50% off on Amazon)

  1. Dwc Hidden Spy Camera Detector:

  • Known as "Devil Will Cry," this detector is very effective.

  • Original Price: ₹5,999

  • Discounted Price: ₹3,499 (43% off)