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Heatwave Strikes Telugu States: Mercury Soars Beyond Limits

Hey guys! 🌞 The sun’s been extra fiery over the Telugu states lately, turning the weather super hot. It's like we’re all part of a giant oven with temperatures soaring above 44 degrees in many places. That's crazy hot, right?

In northern Telangana, the mercury's hitting between 43 to 45 degrees. Both AP and Telangana are witnessing temperatures around 45 degrees, prompting the weather department to issue an alert. They’ve warned that the temps are gonna climb even higher starting today, and even nights are getting hotter than usual. In the coming four days, severe hot winds are expected to blow, making it essential for everyone to take precautions. 🌬️🔥

The Hyderabad weather center has sounded the alarm for heatwave conditions over the next four days, advising folks to stay indoors between 10 AM to 4 PM unless absolutely necessary. The sun's reign continues in AP as well, with severe hot winds forecasted in 179 mandals and hot winds in 209 mandals today. Tomorrow, 44 mandals might face severe conditions, with 193 mandals experiencing hot winds, shared by the Disaster Management Agency's managing director, R. Kurmanath.

With May and June expected to bring even higher temperatures, officials are urging the elderly, children, and street vendors to be extra careful. They recommend staying hydrated with ORS and other cool precautions to beat the heat. 🚰🧊

So, what are your beat-the-heat strategies? Share in the comments and let's help each other stay cool this summer! 💧🕶️