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Has Srilee become a bad time star..? The only thing in hand is that one movie..🎞️🎥

Srileela debuted in Telugu with the movie 'PellisandaD' directed by K.Raghavendra Rao. She won the hearts of the Telugu audience with her acting and dancing skills in the first movie itself. She became popular in the first movie itself. After that, with a series of opportunities, she got a special recognition for herself as Crazy Bhama in Telugu.

Apart from being an actress, Srileela is in the news with her personal matters. Overnight star became the heroine with the movie 'Dhamaka' with Ravi Teja.

Guntur attracted the audience with her dance moments in the movie Karam. Last year was greeted with the films Skanda, Bhagwant Kesari, Adikesava, Extraordinary Man.

In 2024, she greeted with the movie 'Guntur Karam' in the combination of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram. This film was a moderate success and this Bhama did not have much success. But in this movie, the steps in the song by folding the chair got a good response.

At the peak of her career as a heroine, she acted in the role of Balayya's daughter in the movie 'Bhagwant Kesari'. Srileela's films are flopping consecutively and she earns Rs. Charging up to 3 crores. She is currently acting as the female lead in 'Ustad Bhagat Singh' with Pawan Kalyan.

The chance to act opposite the top heroes came in a short time. Currently doing MBBS along with movies. There are chances that she will complete her doctorate this year. She is a Telugu mother and was born and brought up in Bangalore. There, she was introduced as a heroine in the Kannada movie 'Kiss'.

Srileela was born on 14th July 20012 in America. Theirs is a Telugu family. Her mother is a famous gynecologist. She was born abroad and completed her education in Bangalore. Before marriage, she tried her luck in Kannada movies like Kiss and Bharat.🎞️🎥