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Harsha Sai Caught Red-Handed! 😲📱

Social media star Harsha Sai finds himself in the middle of a controversy. Accusations of promoting betting apps have put him in the spotlight, and his confusing response to the allegations has only made things worse. Harsha Sai, with a massive following of 6.5 million on YouTube, is facing severe backlash from netizens for allegedly promoting betting apps to earn huge amounts of money.

Accusations and Response

Another social media influencer, Yuva Samrat, recently accused Harsha Sai on a show, stating that Harsha is misleading the youth by promoting betting apps and earning crores from it. In response to these allegations, Harsha Sai gave an interview to a channel, offering a rather perplexing explanation.

Harsha Sai's Explanation

Harsha said, “People approach me for promotions. If I refuse, they go to someone else. If we try to stop them, they place direct ads on YouTube. If betting apps are banned, these promotions won't exist. These apps operate legally by exploiting loopholes in the system. I've never promoted banned apps. Even when I promote some apps, I advise caution. I promote betting apps indirectly and responsibly. Some people influence others to bet, but my promotion method has actually reduced the number of people betting. I use the money earned from these apps for social service. Not promoting these apps would be a mistake.”

Backlash from Netizens

This explanation did not sit well with the audience, leading to more criticism and backlash. Harsha Sai's justification seemed to backfire, making him a target of even more scrutiny and disapproval on social media.


Harsha Sai's involvement in promoting betting apps has sparked a major controversy. Despite his attempts to explain his actions, the social media star faces intense criticism. His response has only added fuel to the fire, leaving many questioning his integrity and motives.