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Harish Rao Slams Congress Over Alleged Car Chase and Intimidation 🚗😡

In a heated statement on X, former Minister Harish Rao expressed his anger at Congress leaders' behavior. He accused Congress of conspiring to win a no-confidence motion in the Peerzadiguda Municipal Corporation. Rao claimed that Congress leaders attempted to kidnap BRS Mayor Jakka Venkat Reddy and corporators, chasing them with 20 cars on the Outer Ring Road, causing panic and fear.

Key Accusations by Harish Rao

Intimidation Tactics: Rao alleged that Congress leaders used 20 cars to follow and intimidate the Mayor and corporators on the Outer Ring Road.

Call for Protection: Rao demanded immediate security from the DGP and Rachakonda Commissioner for the Mayor and corporators.

Condemnation of Violence: BRS party strongly condemned the attacks and warned Congress against such aggressive actions.

Political Drama in Peerzadiguda

The no-confidence motion in Peerzadiguda Municipal Corporation has turned into a high-stakes drama. BRS accused Congress of attempting to win the motion through intimidation. Harish Rao's accusations follow reports of Congress corporators allegedly trying to kidnap their BRS counterparts to sway the vote.

Incident Details

Chase on Outer Ring Road: Congress leaders, including Sudheer Reddy, allegedly pursued the Mayor and 11 corporators with 20 cars.

Attempted Kidnapping: The BRS corporators and Mayor managed to escape and reach safety, reporting the incident as an attempt to kidnap and intimidate them.

No-Confidence Motion: The motion, backed by some corporators, is set to be discussed on June 5. The Mayor accused Congress of orchestrating the motion and the attacks to destabilize his position.

Harish Rao's Strong Response

Harish Rao's statement emphasized that Congress's tactics to frighten and coerce BRS members would not be tolerated. He highlighted previous instances where the ruling party faced similar no-confidence motions and condemned Congress for its aggressive strategies.