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Government Cracks Down on Private Schools Exploiting Parents

In a significant move to curb the exploitation of parents, the government has issued strict orders against private schools selling uniforms, shoes, and belts. These schools have been making profits by forcing parents to buy these items from them. The new directive states that schools can only sell stationery and books without any profit margin. Violations of these rules will face severe consequences, warned the authorities.

The Hyderabad District Education Officer (DEO) issued these orders, which apply to both state and CBSE, ICSE schools in the Hyderabad district. According to these orders, uniforms, shoes, and belts cannot be sold on school premises. As per court orders, if schools have counters selling books, notebooks, or stationery, these items must be sold non-commercially and without profit.

To ensure compliance, the government has instructed all Deputy Educational Officers in the state to form mandal-level committees. These committees will regularly monitor private schools to ensure they are not selling uniforms, shoes, or belts. Any violation of these rules should be immediately reported to the Hyderabad DEO.