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🙏 Gods are being mocked.. We will block Kantara 2 movie..!

🎬 There is no need to say how big a hit the movie Kantara, directed by Rishabh Shetty, became. Released in September 2022 and became a huge success, Kantara, which came as a short film, collected more than 400 crores and created a record.

In the movie Kantara, the divine dance Bhoota Kola was shown. After the release of the movie, the people of other parts of the state and the people of the country came to know about the gods of Tulu country. But some have criticized that they have hurt the sentiments of the Tulu people by making reels on social media to denigrate the divine dance and by dressing up the god in some serials. It is known that 'Kantara 2' is being made in the direction of Rishabh Shetty. Now some have given a warning that they will stop this movie.

🌍 In a recent serial, an actor acted as God. Concerned over this, Youth Forum Mangalore for the Protection of Divine Worship. Bajpe filed a complaint at the police stations. After talking to the media, some of the leaders of Tulunadu Deivadharana Prakshan Yuvajan Vedika said that Deivaradana has become a money-making business. He said that they are going to protest against the movie 'Kantara 2' as well. 🌟🔥