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Follow These Things Tips While Smartphone Get Wet In Rain

The rainy season is here, and unexpected rain showers are inevitable. While getting caught in the rain might be a common occurrence, it poses a significant threat to our smartphones. Even though waterproof phones are available in the market, most people still use regular phones, making them vulnerable to water damage.

In this video, we'll share essential tips to protect your phone if it gets wet in the rain:

  1. Remove the Battery (if possible): If your phone gets wet, remove the battery immediately to cut off the power. For non-removable batteries, turn off the phone as soon as possible.

  2. Use Rice: Place your wet phone in a container filled with rice. Rice absorbs moisture effectively, helping to dry out your phone.

  3. Avoid Air Dryers: Using air dryers can damage the phone's components. Instead, place the phone in a well-ventilated area.

  4. Silica Gel Packets: Carry silica gel packets with you. If your phone gets wet, place it in a cover with silica gel packets to absorb moisture.

  5. Gently Shake and Wipe: Gently shake the phone to remove excess water and wipe it thoroughly with a cotton cloth.

  6. Avoid Charging: Do not charge a wet phone. Charging a water-damaged phone can cause a short circuit.

  7. Visit a Service Center: Even if your phone appears to be working fine after drying, it's best to visit a service center to ensure there is no remaining moisture inside.

By following these tips, you can protect your smartphone from water damage and ensure it continues to function properly. Stay safe and keep your phone safe this rainy season!