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Election Commission Warns Konda Surekha: A Stir in Telangana Politics!

The Election Commission of India has issued a stern warning to Telangana Minister Konda Surekha, cautioning her on comments made against BRS Working President KTR on April 1. The commission advised her to speak cautiously in accordance with the election code and behave responsibly, especially as a star campaigner and minister. This follows a complaint from BRS regarding Surekha’s remarks at a media meeting in Warangal, where she accused phone tapping of implicating many heroines in blackmail schemes and claimed officials were coerced into losing their jobs and facing imprisonment. Her severe comments also included a controversial statement about KTR’s sister, Kavitha, visiting the birthplace of Lord Krishna, sparking outrage and leading to further complaints from BRS leaders like Karne Prabhakar and Dasoju Shravan.