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"Earthquakes Rock From California to Kashmir: A Day of Tremors Across the Globe"

Hey folks! 🌍 Did you feel the ground shake? Because it seems like Mother Earth was pretty restless yesterday, sending out earthquakes from the sunny beaches of California all the way to the snowy peaks of Kashmir! 😱

In the past 24 hours, people around the world were on edge as one earthquake after another struck in various places. Let's dive into where these shakes happened:

First off, the serene valleys of Kishtwar in Jammu & Kashmir, India, felt a tremor of magnitude 3.2 on the Richter scale late at night on April 5th. The ground shook at around 11 PM, causing folks to rush outside in panic. Imagine sleeping peacefully and then suddenly having to wake up and dash outside - scary, right?

Not too far away, in Rajasthan, India, the earth decided to move again around 1:29 PM, with a magnitude of 3.7. This midday shake had people dropping their lunches and running outside, although, thankfully, no damage was reported.

Over in Himachal Pradesh, India, the night before saw its own share of earth-shaking action. And then, moving across the globe to New York City and Northern New Jersey, tremors were felt, with a reported magnitude of 4.0. This had people in the bustling city and its surroundings stepping out of buildings and homes, looking for safety.

And guess what? Northern California wasn't left out of the action either. It experienced not one, not two, but seven earthquakes of varying magnitudes, with the highest being 4.4. This series of shakes had residents there really worried and looking for safe spots to hunker down.

Even Myanmar got a piece of the action on Friday, with a tremor registering at a magnitude of 5.8. And let's not forget about Taiwan, which recently experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes in the last 25 years, leading to loss of lives, injuries, and destruction of buildings.

So, what's up with all these earthquakes happening around the same time? Scientists are always studying these patterns to understand our planet better. But one thing's for sure - the earth seems to be sending us a message. Stay safe and always be prepared for the unexpected!