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Do you want to lose weight.. But don't follow rice dieting

Many of us Indians prefer to eat rice. But some people avoid the meal because they think that eating rice every day will lead to weight gain and obesity. Rice is the staple food for more than 3.5 billion people worldwide. Many women use them as starches. But according to WebMD, a rice diet is a great way to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. It helps to limit blood pressure.

Many people think that eating rice will make them gain weight. But such people can follow rice diet. This can lead to weight loss. Because it contains very few calories. A 2014 cohort report found that a rice diet leads to rapid and safe weight loss. Among men, an average of 30 pounds was seen in the first four weeks. Females lost an average of 19 pounds. Apart from weight loss, rice also makes you feel energetic, the report said.

There is nothing but rice food in the diet. This will help you eat more fruits and vegetables. This is said to be the best diet for weight loss. If you are interested in trying a rice diet, especially if you have any medical conditions, you must consult your nutritionist or doctor before starting to follow it. Many Indians have a habit of eating rice. But this also means that nutrients are limited. Many surveys have also shown that weight gain occurs very quickly. Such people can get many health benefits if they strictly follow the rice diet.