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Delhi Police Summon Revanth Reddy Amid Lok Sabha Election Storm!

As the Lok Sabha elections reach fever pitch, all major parties are escalating their game to win over voters. With two rounds of polling completed and five more to go, the political battlefield is heating up. Amidst this, a controversy has erupted over reservations, with verbal volleys between BJP and Congress.

Recently, a video allegedly showing Home Minister Amit Shah stating that all reservations would be removed if BJP comes to power for the third time has gone viral, causing quite a stir. The video, circulated amidst the election rallies in Siddipet, Telangana, is claimed to be manipulated. The Home Ministry has now stepped in, and a complaint has been lodged with the Delhi Police regarding this fake video.

The BJP's complaint has prompted a swift response from the Delhi Police. Notices have been issued to Telangana CM Revanth Reddy and several Congress leaders, accusing them of viralizing the video. The notices demand their presence for inquiry on May 1st. This development has intensified the political drama, adding another layer of contention as the elections progress.


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