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Congress Unveils Key Promises in National Manifesto..

In a significant move ahead of the upcoming elections, the Congress Party released its national manifesto, outlining a series of major promises aimed at resonating with voters across India. Among the highlights, the party has pledged to reduce petrol and diesel prices, a nationwide caste census, the abolition of the Agniveer scheme, and the creation of 30 lakh jobs. Additionally, they propose to remove the 50% cap on reservations, offering a significant boost to marginalized communities, alongside promising 50% reservation for women in government jobs.

Another notable commitment is the removal of GST on agricultural equipment, aiming to ease the financial burden on farmers. The Mahalakshmi Scheme stands out, promising an annual assistance of Rs. 1 lakh to poor families. Furthermore, the manifesto includes a strong stance against the privatization of railways, ensuring that these remain in the public sector. These promises reflect Congress's strategy to address various societal and economic challenges, aiming to draw widespread support from different sections of the population.