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CM Revanth's Sweet Warning to Tollywood: No Tolerance for Drugs 🚫

Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has issued a firm yet sweet warning to the Tollywood film industry. Emphasizing his government's commitment to eradicating drugs, he urged the industry to contribute to the fight against drug abuse and cybercrime. 🎬

Key Points of CM Revanth's Message:

  • Zero Tolerance for Drugs: CM Revanth Reddy has reiterated that no one, regardless of their status, will be spared in the fight against drugs. His aim is to make Telangana a drug-free state. 🚫

  • Support from the Film Industry: He called on the film industry to assist in combating drugs and cybercrime, highlighting their significant influence on society. 🌐

  • Social Responsibility: He encouraged film personalities to contribute to resolving societal issues rather than approaching the government solely for ticket price hikes or shooting permissions. 🏛️

  • Awareness Campaigns: CM Revanth suggested creating awareness videos featuring film stars about the dangers of drugs. He made it clear that government cooperation would be more forthcoming if the industry took these steps. 🎥

This appeal is part of a broader strategy to leverage the influence of Tollywood in promoting social good and addressing critical issues facing society. 🌍