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Cine Actress Hema's Membership Suspended by MAA!

Hey folks! Big news in the entertainment world! 🎬 You all remember the rave party incident in Bengaluru, right? Well, it's taken a dramatic turn. Famous actress Hema has been arrested by Bengaluru police for allegedly using drugs at the party. 😮

Earlier, MAA Association President Manchu Vishnu tweeted that action would be taken against Hema if proven guilty. And guess what? The MAA committee has now discussed the issue and has decided to suspend Hema's membership.

Manchu Vishnu messaged the MAA group seeking opinions on suspending Hema's membership. With most members voting in favor, Vishnu made a key decision to suspend her membership until she gets a clean chit. An official announcement is expected on Thursday. 📅

For those who missed it, the police arrested around 150 people at the rave party on the outskirts of Bengaluru, finding significant drug use. Among those arrested were Siddiq, Ranadeer, and Rajbhav for allegedly supplying drugs.

Initially, Hema released several videos claiming she was at home and not at the party. But after some dramatic turns, she surrendered to CCB officials in Chamrajpet, Bengaluru, wearing a burka. Her silence during the questioning led to her arrest. 🚨

Stay tuned for more updates on this sensational case! 📢