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Chitti's Husband Must Be Like This! 😍✨

Faria Abdullah became an overnight star with just one movie! She was introduced to the Telugu audience with the film "Jathi Ratnalu" directed by Anudeep KV. With her unique acting style, Faria won the hearts of many.

Known as "Chitti" from "Jathi Ratnalu," this tall beauty has since acted in several films. She impressed everyone with movies like "Ravanasura" and "Bangarraju." Recently, she made everyone laugh again with "Akkadiki Okkati Adakku."

During the promotions of this movie, Faria revealed what kind of husband she wants. In a funny answer, she said she wants someone who doesn't need an apple box to match her height. She added that even if he is shorter than her, a good sense of humor is a must.

Faria is very active on social media, and her recently shared photos are going viral. She looks stunning in a sky-blue net dress. Faria loves to dance, especially belly dance, and has many fans for it. Born and raised in Hyderabad, Faria Abdullah entered the Tollywood industry with "Jathi Ratnalu" in 2021. She also acted in "Like, Share & Subscribe" with Santosh Shobhan. Faria is also doing a movie in Tamil.