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Chiranjeevi About Nyayam Kavali Kranthi Kumar Incident🎥

Chiranjeevi and Vijay Devarakonda participated in an event called Digital Media Federation. In this program, Vijay asked many kinds of questions. Chiranjeevi responded on many things like the incidents that Chiranjeevi faced at the beginning of his career, the disappointing incidents and the steps he took towards success from them. The incident that happened during the shooting time of the movie Nyayam Vali is impressing everyone from the features that Megastar said. There is a court scene with Radhika, Sharada and Jaggaiah. Director Kranti Kumar is on the ropes. When the assistant director came and said that the shot was ready, Chiranjeevi went and stood in the cage. what So late.. Do you think you are a big superstar? Wait for you? He is shouting loudly at Chiranjeevi. As he was shouting from above, he felt like something among hundreds of zoo artists.What did you say? Chiranjeevi was sad. In the evening, Kranti Kumar called. He said sorry that Sharada was eating reels.. He said something in anger. But Chiranjeevi remembers one word very well in the words of Kranti Kumar. Do you think you are a big star? Did you say that? Chiranjeevi advised her to work with Kasi because she wanted to become a star. Chiranjeevi spoke about the incident that took place during the shooting of the movie, "I want justice". Chiranjeevi advised that one hears mostly negative comments in Pandey Bazar, that's why one should not go there and should always have positive thinking.🎥