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Can We Use Ceiling Fan And Air Conditioner At The Same Time And Is It Reduce Electricity Bill🌀

Summer has come. The sun is burning. Many people start turning on ACs. A fan is also installed with this. Is it good to put it like this? 🤔

Summer has started. That is why AC usage is high during this time. Many people have a doubt whether it is possible to use a ceiling fan while the AC is running. Some people lead like that. Few will stop the fan. Is it profitable to do this? Many people have the question. 🤷‍♂️

Some people say that ceiling fan should not be installed while using AC. This is explained by the fact that it pushes the hot air down. But if you use a ceiling fan with AC, the air in the room will cool down. It cools the entire room. A ceiling fan sends cool air to every corner of the room. At that time there is no need to use AC much.

Close the windows and doors of the room. This prevents the cold air in the room from escaping. In fact you can easily save electricity when using a ceiling fan with an AC. Also AC temperature should be between 24 to 26. Experts say that if you use the fan with more points, only 6 units of current will be consumed. This also saves electricity cost.

Reduce the AC points.. If the fan is also set low.. the air circulates throughout the room and cools it quickly. This will reduce the cost. But experts say that when we use the AC for 6 hours, 12 units.. At the same time, if we use the fan with the AC, only 6 units of current will be consumed. This also saves electricity cost.

AC and ceiling fan should be cleaned regularly. Everyone has a ceiling fan in their home. Cleaning is hard work. Tips should be followed strictly to clean such a thing. Only then will the fan be clean. Turns well. Keeping the house clean every day is not an easy task. No matter how much you clean, there will be dust and dirt. It goes a bit and stays on the fan. If you turn on the AC and put a ceiling fan, the dust on it will spread in the room.

The fan should be cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise dust will accumulate and cause problems. As the fan rotates, the small dust particles on it are likely to get into us. Fan and AC should be cleaned thoroughly. Only then will you be healthy. Otherwise problems will arise. 😊🌬