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"Budget Bikes Dominating the Market with Unmatched Mileage"

Hey there, bike enthusiasts and savers alike! The market is buzzing with budget-friendly bikes that are not just easy on the pocket but also promise incredible mileage, making them a preferred choice for many. Here’s a quick look at some of the top contenders that are capturing the hearts of riders across India.

Bajaj Platina stands as a champion in the budget bike segment in India, priced at an ex-showroom cost of INR 67,808. This bike is a mileage marvel, offering an impressive 73 kilometers per liter. With an 11-liter fuel tank, a full tank can take you as far as 803 kilometers.

Hero HF Deluxe is another key player in the budget segment, with a starting price of INR 59,998 (ex-showroom). It promises a mileage of 70 kilometers per liter and comes with a 9.6-liter tank, translating to a range of 672 kilometers on a full tank.

Honda Livo, representing the esteemed Japanese brand, is among the most economical motorcycles, starting at INR 78,500 (ex-showroom). It delivers a mileage of 74 kilometers per liter, and with a 9-liter fuel capacity, you can expect to travel up to 666 kilometers on a full tank.

Honda SP125 is priced at INR 86,017 (ex-showroom) and offers a mileage of 65 kilometers per liter. Featuring an 11.2-liter fuel tank, it can cover up to 728 kilometers with a full tank, making it a solid choice for long journeys.

TVS Sports captivates budget bike lovers with its competitive pricing starting from INR 59,431 (ex-showroom). It stands out by offering a mileage of 75 kilometers per liter. With a 10-liter tank, this bike can provide a range of up to 750 kilometers on a full tank.

These budget bikes are making a significant mark in the market by offering exceptional mileage, which is a crucial factor for many buyers in India. Their affordable pricing combined with the promise of low fuel consumption makes them an unbeatable choice for daily commuters and mileage-conscious riders.