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BRS MLC Deshapathi Srinivas Slams Revanth Reddy Over Textbook Controversy

Telangana CM KCR’s name in school textbooks has sparked a new controversy. BRS MLC Deshapathi Srinivas lashed out at Congress leader Revanth Reddy for ordering the removal of KCR's name from the textbooks. Srinivas criticized the Congress party for being unable to accept KCR's contribution being acknowledged.

On Thursday, Srinivas addressed the media, reminding everyone that after the BRS government (formerly TRS) came to power in 2014, they continued using the old textbooks from united Andhra Pradesh. These books contained names of editors, the Chief Minister, and the Education Minister from that era.

However, now that the foreword includes KCR's name, the Congress government cannot tolerate it, said Srinivas. He claimed that around 2 crore textbooks were called back, which he termed as a misuse of public funds. He argued that changing textbooks requires new committees, which cannot be done immediately. He suggested that Congress could change the textbooks and include their names next year.

Srinivas also accused CM Revanth Reddy of having a habit of changing statues and symbols and questioned his current actions compared to his previous statements of having no issues.