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BRS Leaders Joining In Congress Party, What Is Revanth Reddy's Target..?

Let's open the gates Khabardar as CM Revanth Reddy said, not small gates but huge gates are being opened and migrants are being anchored in a range. As a result, the leaders of the Rose Party are going to the Congress in droves. Telangana Congress is giving a shake to all the leaders, big or small, senior or junior, with Operation Akarsh. The scarf is covering those who came as our assurance for your future. BRS lost a bit of art due to this. The car which was full tight until six months ago.. looks somewhat empty with jumping. It seems that CM Revanth is doing all this strategically. Analysts say that they are looking to damage BRS. Moreover, the discussion that they are trying to make BRS like T-TDP which completely lost its existence after the formation of the state has gained momentum.

If that is the case with the inclusion of leaders in the Congress party... KCR's strongly trusted people, leaders behind him and even leaders who have taken the status of family members, queuing up for Congress has become a hot topic in Telangana politics. It is being discussed that many leaders like Kadiam, KK, and Bontu Rammohan, who are KCR-led, are saying goodbye to BRS and that Revanth's strategies are behind it. Revanth's target is not only to empty BRS... There are claims that Revanth's aim is to weaken KCR mentally by including people who are close to him and talk good and bad about him. Moreover, in the context of the current situation, the words spoken by Revanth in the past are being brought to the fore

Before becoming the CM, Revanth made many dialogues saying that BRS will be blocked. But after becoming the CM, there should be no such thing... The same dialogues were repeated in Davos. They made sensational comments that they will trample BRS. It seems that Revanth is taking steps accordingly.

Political analysts say that Revanth politics is running as a target of KCR along with BRS. And how will KCR check Revanth's strategies? It became interesting to see how the rose party was preceded.