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🔍 BRS focus on Lok Sabha polls.. !

📊 It is reported that BRS working president KTR and former minister Harish Rao are reviewing the strength of the party by Lok Sabha constituencies at the field level. The party leader KCR who is now recovering is likely to have a comprehensive discussion on the Lok Sabha elections within a few days.

The leadership of BRS hopes to ensure that there is no delay in the selection of candidates. The party leaders plan to complete the candidate selection process as soon as possible and focus on the campaign. It seems that the leaders of that party have paid special attention to the campaign strategies. It seems that the strategy of the BRS leaders is to take the Congress government's failure in the implementation of the six guarantees to the attention of the people in the Lok Sabha elections. In the Telangana Assembly elections, BRS lost only 2 percent votes compared to the Congress party. BRS leaders are alleging that the Congress won the elections with unworkable promises and false propaganda.

There are total 17 Lok Sabha constituencies in Telangana. A three-way contest between BRS, Congress and BJP in almost all the constituencies seems certain in the next election. It seems that BRS leaders are strategizing to go ahead with clear strategies to face Congress and BJP. 📊