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BoyfriendSickness: Rising Mental Health Issue in Modern Times

Mental health issues are increasing in modern times, and the guidance of mental health professionals is crucial to cope with them. One such rising issue is "Boyfriend Sickness," affecting many people worldwide. Despite appearing healthy on the outside, individuals feel mentally unwell, unable to function properly, and exhibit obsessive behavior. This term is relatively new but has seen a growing number of affected individuals.

Boyfriend Sickness is commonly seen in individuals who are in love. Although it is called Boyfriend Sickness, it affects both boys and girls. Boys can also exhibit symptoms of Boyfriend Sickness. It is a temporary phase that usually subsides after a few days. No medication is needed; maintaining relationships is enough.

According to Dr. Amir Levine, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, Boyfriend Sickness often affects those newly in love or those having a sexual relationship with someone they like. The brain constantly craves the bond with the partner, working overtime to maintain that connection. This overactivity exhausts the brain. The brain undergoes significant neurocircuitry wiring to accept an unfamiliar person as a loved one, leading to mental fatigue. This impacts other relationships as well.

Symptoms of Boyfriend Sickness

  1. Obsession with New Partner: Your brain revolves around the new partner, making it hard to function independently.

  2. Inability to Make Decisions Alone: You constantly think of the new partner while making decisions.

  3. Neglecting Family and Friends: You spend less time with family and friends.

  4. Seeking Partner's Approval: Every decision is discussed with the new partner.

  5. Overlooking Partner's Mistakes: You start ignoring their mistakes.

  6. Feeling Insecure: You feel very insecure when the partner is not around.

  7. Desire to Spend Time Together: You feel restless when not with the partner.

  8. High Phone Usage: You prefer talking on the phone excessively.

  9. No Need for Medication: The symptoms usually subside over time.

  10. Engage in Other Activities: Keep yourself busy with other tasks and give importance to family and friends to reduce stress on the brain.

Understanding these symptoms and managing them effectively can help in reducing the stress caused by Boyfriend Sickness.