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Bollywood Stars Shocked by Rebel Star Prabhas' Kalki Success! 🌟

🌟 Prabhas' latest film "Kalki 2898 AD" is making waves everywhere, including Bollywood. With blockbuster talk from all regions, the film's success is causing a stir among Bollywood stars. Reports from B-Town suggest that Bollywood stars are feeling the heat from Prabhas' record-breaking achievements. "Kalki" amassed an astounding ₹190 crore on its first day, breaking previous records. In India alone, the film collected ₹95 crore, with the Hindi version raking in ₹24 crore. Internationally, it secured about ₹65 crore. Previously, the opening day record was held by Shah Rukh Khan's films. SRK's "Jawan" and "Pathaan" both achieved over ₹1000 crore in total collections, with "Jawan" earning ₹125 crore and "Pathaan" ₹106 crore on their opening days worldwide. For the past decade, Bollywood's Khan films rarely saw such massive international openings. However, Prabhas' "Kalki 2898 AD" shattered expectations with its massive first-day haul, surpassing many Bollywood superstars. Despite breaking his own records from films like "Saaho" and "Salaar," Prabhas couldn't surpass his blockbuster "Baahubali 2," which earned ₹217 crore on its first day. "RRR" still holds the top spot with ₹223 crore on its opening day.