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#BidenCommentControversy: US President Labels Major Nations Xenophobic

US President Joe Biden has sparked a diplomatic stir by labeling India, Japan, China, and Russia as "xenophobic" countries that resist welcoming immigrants, attributing their economic challenges to this stance. During a campaign event in Washington, Biden pointed out the comparative growth of the US economy, crediting its openness to immigrants as a key factor. This comment quickly drew criticism and required clarification from the White House the following day.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized that President Biden holds great respect for the US's allies and has worked to strengthen diplomatic relationships, especially with India and Japan. Despite the controversies, the US maintains that welcoming diverse populations has significantly contributed to its economic progress, contrasting with the alleged xenophobic attitudes in the mentioned countries.

The statement comes amidst ongoing tensions over human rights issues, with recent US reports criticizing India for significant abuses. Additionally, India's external affairs ministry has dismissed the US Commission on International Religious Freedom's latest report as biased, especially given its timing during India's Lok Sabha elections. This complex backdrop highlights the intricate dance of diplomacy and domestic politics influencing international relations.