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BengaluruRaveParty: Shocking Revelations Shake Telugu States! 🚨💥

The recent rave party in Bengaluru has sent shockwaves not just through the film industry but also across the Telugu states. As the police continue their investigation, sensational details are coming to light. Drugs and marijuana were found at the party, leading the police to collect blood samples from the attendees. Out of 103 samples, 86 tested positive for drug use.

The rave party, held on May 18 under the theme "Sunset to Sunrise Victory," has identified various attendees as suspects. Vasu is listed as A1, Arun as A2, Nagababu as A3, Randheer as A4, Mohammad Abubakar as A5, Gopal Reddy as A6, 68 men as A7, and 30 women as A8. The police seized 14 grams of MDMA, 5 grams of cocaine, and a large quantity of marijuana. Additionally, two expensive cars and DJ equipment worth ₹1.5 crores were confiscated. The case has been transferred from Hebbagodi PS to the CCB.

Among the 86 individuals who tested positive, 59 are men and 27 are women. Notably, Tollywood actress Hema's blood sample also showed traces of drugs. The CCB is preparing to issue notices to those who tested positive. While many attendees were found to have taken drugs, some, like Ashiray, claimed they only consumed cake at the party. Rumors also suggested that senior hero Srikanth attended the party.

Srikanth clarified that he does not frequent pubs or parties and was mistaken for someone else who looked like him. He urged people not to believe the false news. However, reports emerged that Srikanth received notices from Bengaluru police. Responding to this, Srikanth stated that he has not received any notices and warned that he would take action against those spreading false information about him.