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Barrelakka Alias Sirisha Shares Her Pre Wedding Song Video And Introduced Her Husband 💖👫

Barrelakka.. This name is a big sensation on social media. She shared a video saying that she can't get jobs even after studying a degree. The video shared by Nettinta created a sensation. After that she contested as an MLA in the Telangana assembly elections. She was supported by youth, stars and celebrities. But it could not get the expected number of votes. Barrelakka's name, which was silent for years after the elections, is now once again in the limelight. It is known that she is going to get married soon. She shared the engagement video on her Instagram and officially announced the wedding. She said that she could not call everyone because of the suddenness. So when will Barrelakka get married?.. Who is her future husband? There was a shower of comments saying that. But she remained silent without telling her future husband for many years. But now along with the wedding date, she has also introduced her future husband to her followers. She also shared the video of the pre-wedding song before the wedding and tagged her husband's Instagram ID. 💖👫