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Barbie Movie In Telugu Now Streaming Here's Where You Can Watch It! 🎥🍿

The Hollywood sensation "Barbie," which captivated audiences worldwide, is now available for streaming in Telugu on JioCinema starting this Saturday. Having clinched eight Oscar nominations and numerous international awards, "Barbie" not only shattered box office records but also became the highest-grossing film of 2023. This cinematic marvel, crafted with a hefty budget of $128 million, has raked in an astounding $1.446 billion globally. In India alone, "Barbie" has grossed nearly ₹150 crore, making it one of the highest-earning Hollywood movies in the country. The film was particularly celebrated at the 96th Academy Awards, securing nominations across several categories including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Costume Design, and Best Adapted Screenplay, though it ultimately won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Indian movie enthusiasts can now enjoy this blockbuster in Telugu and Tamil on JioCinema, exclusively available to premium subscribers.