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🎬 #BaahubaliMovie Ruined My Career: Dhanraj's Shocking Revelation!

Hey everyone! Here's a story that might surprise you. Dhanraj, one of the well-known comedians from the popular show Jabardasth, recently shared a shocking revelation about his career. Known for his witty dialogues and punchlines, Dhanraj has a huge fan following. From being a regular contestant to leading his own team on Jabardasth, he has made a significant mark on television and in movies.

Dhanraj's Journey

While Dhanraj has been entertaining us on the small screen, he also aspired to make it big as a director. He is currently working on a movie titled "Rama Raghavam" with Samuthirakani. However, he also tried his luck as a producer with the movie "Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithe," where he played the lead role alongside popular TV actress Sreemukhi.

The Baahubali Impact

Dhanraj revealed that his attempt at filmmaking turned into a financial disaster because of the blockbuster movie "Baahubali." According to Dhanraj, everyone who watched his movie said it was great. During the release of his film, he was in Rajasthan for a shoot, and Sreemukhi called him to say that tickets for their movie were selling out fast, making him very happy.

But their happiness was short-lived. "Baahubali" was released the following week, and due to prior agreements, Dhanraj's film was pulled from the theaters to make way for the epic movie. This led to significant financial losses for Dhanraj, as he had invested all his savings and even borrowed money from friends to complete the film. He recalls feeling completely devastated and even facing criticism from his wife for the financial strain.

Current Status

Despite the setbacks, Dhanraj is still pushing forward with his career. His recent comments have gone viral on social media, drawing both sympathy and support from his fans and fellow industry professionals.