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Arogyashri for those who do not have a ration card..🤩

The ruling Congress government in Telangana takes many sensational decisions keeping in mind the interests of the weaker sections. When the Revanth government came to power, which is giving great importance to the health care of the people in the state of Telangana, the limit of free medical care provided to the poor under the Arogyashri scheme was increased from five lakh rupees to ten lakh rupees. The government has announced that those who have Arogyashri card along with ration card are eligible for this scheme. But recently Revanth government has taken another sensational decision. Realizing that many people are staying away from this scheme due to non-issue of new ration cards in Telangana state, Revanth Sarkar has taken a key decision to implement the Arogyasree scheme regardless of the ration card.