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Who Will Rule AP? 🗳️

Andhra Pradesh elections have concluded, and despite some violent incidents, the Election Commission has stated there will be no re-polling. The fate of the candidates is now sealed in the EVMs, and everyone is eagerly waiting for June 4th to find out the results. The major parties are anxiously awaiting the outcome, with TDP confident of securing power this time. The increased voter turnout, they believe, will work in their favor, with a 2% rise compared to the 2019 elections, which they consider an anti-incumbency vote.

High Voter Turnout

TDP estimates that the increased voter turnout is due to the public's dissatisfaction with the current government. They also believe that their alliance with Jana Sena has benefited them, expecting a higher percentage of votes. TDP's manifesto, which includes free travel for women in RTC buses, a ₹4,000 pension, and free gas cylinders, has appealed particularly to female voters.

Focus on Development

TDP claims that their "Super Six" schemes, which they argue are better than YSRCP's, have attracted rural voters. They are confident of winning 120 seats on their own and 140 seats as a coalition, indicating a change of power in AP. Leaders from TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP believe that voters from outside the state have returned to vote out of frustration over the lack of a capital and underdevelopment, and these votes have gone to the coalition. They assert that voters are keen on electing those who can lead the state towards development.

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