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Another interesting feature in Chat GPT.. 🌐

With ChatGPT brought by OpenAI company, any information is given in moments. That too with accuracy. With this, the number of people using Chat GPT services will jump at jet speed.

ChatGPT, which has been attracting users by bringing new features from time to time, has recently introduced Moro's new feature. It has introduced a new feature to users called 'Read A Loud'. With the help of this feature users can no longer just read the answers but also hear them. If you are unable to read on phone or computer, it will read and hear. Apart from the web version, it is also available in iOS and Android apps.

And this new feature works in GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models as well. This feature can read texts in total 37 languages. It detects and explains the language itself, no need to select a specific language. In mobile apps, if you click and hold on texts, you will see a 'Read Aloud' option in the options. Selecting it will activate the feature. In the web version, a speaker icon appears under ChatGPT's reply. Just click on it.

Meanwhile, OpenAI introduces a variety of features aimed at making ChatGPT easier to use. OpenAI, which introduced the option of giving commands with voice, recently introduced this new feature. And we have to see what kind of changes will be made in Google Bird for this new feature brought by OpenAI. 🚀


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