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Whatsapp Introduced New Meta AI Feature

WhatsApp – one of the most widely used messaging apps worldwide, needs no introduction. Constantly evolving to meet users' needs, WhatsApp has now ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence with its latest updates.

Amidst the growing demand in the tech industry, Meta has also jumped into the fray with AI enhancements. As part of this, Meta has introduced new features under the guise of AI. Already available to many users, this feature presents a symbol in the chat round shape as soon as chats are opened. This has sparked curiosity among users about its purpose. But what exactly is this new feature? Let's delve into its applications now. Meta's newly introduced AI search tool operates seamlessly like a chat GPT, responding to queries with solutions instantaneously. Clicking on the round symbol opens the 'Meta AI with LAMA' chat page. This advanced artificial intelligence technology suggests answers to any questions posed, making it a valuable resource. Currently, this chat bot feature is available only in English, but it's worth exploring if they'll expand to other languages too.