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Anand Mahindra Inspired By 10Year Olds Courage 🌟

In an uplifting encounter that highlights the power of social media for social good, prominent businessman Anand Mahindra recently expressed his admiration for a ten-year-old boy named Jaspreet from Delhi, who has been managing his family responsibilities with extraordinary resilience. Despite losing his father to illness and being abandoned by his mother, Jaspreet has taken on the role of the man of the house at a tender age. Alongside attending school, he manages a roadside food stall at night to support himself and his sister.

Anand Mahindra stumbled upon a viral video of Jaspreet, showcasing his daily struggles and unwavering spirit. Moved by his situation, Mahindra tweeted about Jaspreet's courage and promised support from the Mahindra Foundation to ensure his education isn't compromised. This act of kindness has sparked conversations online about the role of community and business leaders in addressing social issues.


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