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Akshay Kumar as Shiva for a Whopping 6 Crores?

In the much-anticipated film "Kannappa," produced by Manchu Vishnu, a storm of expectation has gathered around the casting, especially with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar stepping into the role of Lord Shiva. Initially eyed for Prabhas, the role eventually went to Kumar, who is reportedly receiving a staggering ₹6 crore for his performance. This fantasy film, following the success of recent hits like "Hanuman," is set to be a pan-Indian release, featuring a blend of stars from Bollywood to Kollywood.

The movie's casting also includes Prabhas in a significant role, with other stars like Mohanlal and Shivaraj Kumar contributing to what promises to be an ensemble spectacle. The project, carrying a budget of ₹100 crore, is expected to be a major box office draw, especially with the inclusion of Nayanthara as Parvati. Fans are eagerly awaiting the teaser, set to drop soon, adding to the movie's pre-release buzz.